Castile Soaps

Castile soap is a name used in English-speaking countries for vegetable oil based soap made similar to the soap originating in the Castle region of Spain. It was traditionally made with olive oil, it may now be used for any vegetable based soap.
With that in mind, you will find almost all of our soaps may be considered castile soaps. However, we have labeled our “olive oil” soap as castile soap and soaps that are mostly olive oil with a small amount of other oils and specialty butters as “castile type”. The reason we have done this is because we make so many different types of soaps. Our castile and castile type soaps are very mild and gentle soaps. We just wanted our customers with delicate, tender, dry and sensitive skin to be able to find the product that may work best for them. People with oily skin or dirty skin from work may prefer one of our more cleansing soaps.

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